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Other Stories of Pet Murder and Malpractice

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Stories of Veterinary Malpractice:

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Abuse Stories

Justice for Tucker & Huey

Taken from the above facebook page:  On 6/26/13 our two boys Tucker N Huey got out of their run and went back to our pond for... a swim. We believe the dogs found our new neighbor back at the pond. He lives in the house just behind our woods. We had seen him back at our pond before, and we believe the dogs followed him home. The neighbor locked our dogs in his garage, were he then shot them both in the head, put a rope around there neck and drug them out into his driveway. My husband and I had been calling and looking for the dogs frantically. this had all happened in 15 / 20 minute time frame, we new they could not have gone far. I was on the four wheeler looking and my husband in the truck. My husband pulled up to the neighbor's house as he was drugging the dogs from his garage, he jumped out of the truck and said oh my god what happened? The man just said I shot them they wouldn't leave. Jeff came and got me, I ran up and said how could you do this? Did they growl at you or show their teeth, he said No, did they bite you or snap at you, he said No, did they damage anything, he said No, then I asked crying and shaking uncontrollably then why,why, did you kill them? He just said they wouldn't leave, and he said that one was drooling and he pointed to Huey. I lost it at that point. Its hot he is a big hairy dog yes they drool sometimes. At that point the officer on the phone with my husband told us to get in the truck and wait for them . The man had been cleaning up the gruesome blood trail in his garage the whole time I was talking to him. Tucker n Huey were two of the sweetest boys you could ever meet and they did nothing wrong and he killed them. All they wanted was his attention.They loved all people and thought all people loved them . We had no idea that being happy lovable and social dogs would get them killed. I still can't believe it, how anyone could be this heartless. We love them and miss them dearly and I know that I will never forgive myself either, for letting my boys down and not being there to protect them.  - the McClellan family  - the outcome was determined to not be a problem under the 1919 dog law...the perpetrator did nothing illegal!

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Miscellaneous Stories of Interest

Stolen dogs "flipped" and resold


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